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Oct 2nd, Appalachia Museum

On our way home from the school reunion, Monday morning, hubby gave me the option of stopping wherever I got the notion to stop along the way home. That wasn’t gonna be hard I thought for there’s always a quilt shop to be found. And sure enough I spotted a billboard that read the best prices around… We turned off the exit that was given on the sign,then took up the hunt for the store. I got sidetracked when I saw this beautiful place with a wonderful sign that read ” The Museum of the Appalachia” let the past touch your soul. All thoughts of bargain fabric flew out the window, and I promptly said let’s stop right now to see this place. Hubby ,I believe must of been praying that something other then a fabric store would appear. 😉 He was very willing to turn around to pursue that fancy of mine.

And OH the fun we had!!!!!!


Clay county,Kentucky, was a leading salt producer in the state during the 19th century. Goose creek met the red bird river to form the South Fork in Kentucky, where there were salt works.


Talk about small houses, I think this one takes the prize for being the smallest! One room , that wasn’t much longer than his bed,and the width about the same as the length. In the one room there was a bed ( along the left wall) a small stove across from the bed to your right with a small stand / table. He had a few other possessions in there a bean pot , frying pan and a fiddle.there was a sign saying he made the statement that,that’s all a man needed.

In the above photo,hubby sitting like the old man in the picture that’s hanging on the outside wall.


This is a little playhouse that a father made for his only daughter. The little quilt was lovely in the doll cradle. 

This was the home of Daniel Boone. As I stood inside of this cabin I try to imagine how it would feel to sweep the dirt floor, to stand over the fireplace to cook,to wash clothes with a scrub board and tub,and to mend clothes,knit by the dim candle light and how cold the winters must have been . It boggled my brain!!

All I can say is the strength of these dear ladies was amazing!!

Inside the church. Do you think one could fall asleep on those benches?!

Ever read the book Christy? Benches and desk from her schoolroom. 

If you have never read the book ,it is a wonderful book to read.

Wonderful old looms, cotton gins, and spinning wheels.

This loom was in the little loom house. Hard to get a good picture for it was darker in there with no lights.

A two seater privy. 

There was so much more to see, barns ,more houses,workshops and a whiskey still. Pictures just can’t tell it all. 

A doctors office 

And bits of wisdom for all!

Coming up next … The wonderful quilts that were there!!