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Nov, 7…vintage blocks,and an old wash stand

One of the items that I brought back home from Mom’s was an antique wash stand, made in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. It is a lovely piece of furniture 

A few years back I did a quilt top for a friend of Mom’s . She had embroidered blocks that she was going to threw away for she didn’t know what to do with them,when Mom told her to send them to me to see what I could come up with. Here is the top I did for Miss Pauline.

While I was up at Mom’s ,Miss Pauline ask if I would do another top for her. These blocks ,she said were her sister- in – law ,found among her mothers things. Here’s one of the six blocks…

She would like green in the top ,as she is fond of green. The rest is up to me as to what to do with 6 – 17.5 inch square blocks. So once again How do I showcase them …. I did some crude pattern outline …

Choose colors..

I chose a cream to go around the blocks for they are a little stained with old spots,with a off white tone caused by aging. I think the cream will blend the aging spots with the new fabric. At least I hoping.😊 I cut out a sample block to get all measurements right ,and to see if it will look alright. I like it.. do you?

I haven’t put together the nine patch corners yet. To give you more of an idea of the sashing between blocks I will use the same pattern as on this quilt .

While I’m waiting on the fabric that I ordered , back to finishing the other embroidered block top.

The nativity project… have fabrics scrapes picked out ,first block ready to work on.👏👏

Have a good week, Deb

Mar.4 blocks and tops and still some unfinished projects..

There’s so many things you can do with a machine and fabric, that I have a problem with keeping at one project at a time….

Here is the Fire hosta island top , I still have the one side to finishe up,I have all the difficult parts done.

Did this dress for my great niece. She was needing some school dresses. I finished up two for her.

This is a queen size top that I put together on my trip. It will be tied and given to a young couple that are to be married in April. They will be livening in Montana,so I will put heavier batting in it than what I would for hand quilting.

Once again the scrap box was fussing that it was sitting on the shelf for too long! These melons are  fun to make, and before I knew it,I had made a stack of them. I really like doing the stitching around them. I had to make a starch out of Epsom salt to stiffen the bottom fabric for it wanted to ripple at the corners way too much. And I didn’t have enough regular starch..Works great, This is a 12.5 ” block.

Now back to sewing, Deb