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Oct.24,th  a busy week

The weather has been very pleasant with lots of sunny days, with cool evenings . It’s a perfect time for roasting hot dogs or sausages over the fire pit. It’s also a good time for butchering. We did up some sausage and made it into links. Then cold smoked them.

The family just loves these served with homemade wheat pancakes on Saturday morning.

Another favorite ,come fall is apple butter making. I do most of the work for this. It is something I enjoy! I do it over the fire pit. It takes most of the day to cook down. I put foil around my pot so that the smoke doesn’t soot the pot up,for it is a lot of hard scrubbing to get soot off .

It is also time to cleanup under the pecan trees so that as the nuts drop it isn’t so hard to pick them up. So as I was doing Apple butter ,I worked on the cleaning up.

I almost waited to long for I did find some fresh pecan nuts.. Pecan pie will be on our thanksgiving table. 😄

I also had time for a little sewing. I was able to finish this quilt top . I’m happy with the way this pattern turn out. 

And while I was trying to get a photo of the quilt top, a little dog just had to have her picture taken! She barked at me then sat there looking at me with those eyes… I took the picture ,showed it to her ,and that was one pleased little dog!!conceited much? :)) 

 Take care friends, Deb