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Aug 29, come take a walk with me

If you look close you can see cattle in the distance.

Curious dirty pigs, these warm days often finds them laying in the little mud hole they made from the drinking trough.

Lovely plumes 

Lovely butterfly,and there are also the ugly catapillers eating the plant.Guess I’ll let them live if them don’t destroy the plant to much.


Knockout rose

Little lizard

Beautiful dead butterfly that I found.

Large fluffy clouds

And this is what I have been working on this past week ,will be finishing up the job this week. Grape juice.

Not much sewing done this week,did get three rows together on the log cabin and a little beanie crocheted. Here is grandson Brent trying it out.

Have a good week! Deb

August 14th, tech problems and a relaxing summer eve

Why is it that a computer or printer decides to go on the blink when you are in need of  them right at that moment?!

I have been working on the log cabin block with the pile adding up,when the printer decided that it no longer wanted to print newspaper foundation paper that I use. πŸ˜– now what.. I didn’t want to wait until it was fixed or have to buy a new printer.. So how could I work with what I had? πŸ€” then I had a light bulb moment when I remember reading long time ago how a quilter used her sewing machine to mark lines. If I copied off on regular printer paper which it would still print ,I could use that as a pattern guide! 

So I took and unthreaded the machine,removed the bobbin,added a size 14 needle. I added ten newspaper foundation paper to one regular printed paper.

Sewed the lines as you can see. This is how it looked when finished.

Now all I needed to do was letter or number the steps in order of which lines were to be sewn first ,also which were to be of a darker fabric or lighter fabric. Worked great!

I now have 100 blocks done.πŸ˜€

This evening was warm with a soft wind, flowers ,wonderful clouds,and a moon. Oh yes,also a traveling locust.. (Sorry folks it’s a Cicada)

Can you see the little spider hiding?

And one needs to add a sunset.. Right?! This was taken several days before though.

Wishing all a lovely week, Deb

July 23, walking down memories lane

One of the bloggers that I follow ,Love those” hands at home” asked if we have a photo that held summer memories? Now I’m sure that Mom has a few that I would love to share but that is going to have to wait for a bit for Mom is close to 700 miles from me. I must say that the long distance didn’t keep me from going down that long memory lane. There were so many delightful memories that I have of my brother and I and then ..Some that were not so good back “then”…Like when my brother ( Leon) locked me in the chicken pen, with a rooster that wasn’t so nice. Now , it was mostly my fault that he locked me in there for I was bragging that ” I wasn’t afraid of that rooster “!😳 lol … I never bragged that sentence again!! 

So with rooster on my mind I decided to look online to see if I could find some pictures to show how the old chicken houses were that my brother and I had to do chores in..  There wasn’t a perfect match to what our chicken houses looked like ,good enough to give you an idea away.

*note… This picture were from a DPI book .

We had three of these chicken houses on the farm growing up,so when the  bitties came in Leon and I were kept busy with filling water jugs and hand feeding fed into plastic lids.

The first jug is what we filled,held a good gallon of water ,then you screwed on a red lid and turned upside down like the bottom picture. There were around six jars to a brooder stove and as many plastic feed lids. Here is a picture of a house with brooder stoves .. Only they were lower to the shaving when bitties were just a few days old to three weeks old. They were raised higher as the birds got older.

As you can imagine ,it took sometime to water and feed the chicks, ( because of our houses being a shed type house there was only one row of hoods on the other side of the poles..cut this chicken house in half to get a better picture.)But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ,right! Well, Leon and I had a cure for that!!! There was a rail that carried the feed cart down the middle of the houses… Now that cart rolled real good from one end of the chicken house to the other end. Let me tell you it was also a delight to ride in! BTW.. We never derailed.:)

When the bitties were three weeks old ,they were big enough then to drink out of the water troughs and the feed line. That meant picking up the dirty jugs and plastic feed lids. They were washed and stored in a side shed for the next go around. Whose job was it to washed them? Yep … Leon and I .  Of course,that job could be right down fun in the summer! ( winter time ..not so much) water tubs and a water hose spells water fight ,right? Right!! πŸ˜„
  Now to find time to go see Mom!! 

The lovely rose moss likes Ga heat. 

Have a great week , friends! Deb

June 26 th,Tumbling block vintage quilt

I do not own very many old quilts. One reason is .. I only have so much room in my small house, the other reason .. Often they are priced over my budget.

The quilt I am going to share today is a vintage 1930-40’s quilt. It was found while walking though a flea market with my daughter. The red caught my eye.. So I walked over to take a look ,maybe take a picture ,not even dreaming of buying it . Can you imagine that?!! Well, I didn’t have much cash in my wallet for I was only there with my daughter who was looking for boys clothes. I was more interested in watching my grandbabies. Until.. 

As I was looking at the old quilt, totally lost in all the lovely old fabric,I’m a very one tracked brain person who can get very lost in my own thoughts, when I heard this quiet voice saying ….. Here’s how that conversation went..

Ma’am,do you quilt?

A startled me.. Me? You asking if I quilt?!

Yes, you see the quilt needs some mending. The quilt was found in an attic and the mice got into it, also some staining.

Oh yes I quilt, the mice holes aren’t to bad ,it could be repair .

You would like to buy it?

Oh ,would I . It’s very beautiful. ( by now I’m holding my breath)

You can have it for $2.

2.00 dollars!! My mouth I know had to be wide open..

Yes, she sweetly reply. 

I have never pulled out $2 so fast out of my purse! 

With a kind” enjoy”,she handed me the quilt.

I rested assured her I would.

And still am! 

More lovely fabric scraps

Some repair work

Biggest stain mark..

The quilter did a stitch in the ditch around the little diamond

Whole quilt view..

Who ever the quilter, it was done beautifully.

Now for some heat loving plants . Crepe myrtles do really good in the south,as do the lantana. The last week, temperatures have been really warm in the high 90’s to low 100’s. I believe the thermometer read 104 today. These beauties love that heat while other plants back off blooming.

Have a lovely week friends, Deb

May 22nd, a soldier’s cot quilt

I enjoy history ,and if it has the word quilt in it ,I really get excited. So for in remembrance of Memorial Day,I want to share a quilt that is a reproduction of the soldier’s cot quilt that I did some years ago, with its history

These quilts were made to fit a cot for the soldiers of rhe civil war. The size 4′ by 7’4″. They were made from scraps, donated blankets cut in half, the north made as many as 250,000. The southern ladies had more of a challenge for calico fabric was very pricy costing 25 dollars a yd towards the end of the war,so they cut up carpets,and mattress were torn apart for fiber to spin. There were so few of the quilts that survived as they were used hard, sometimes being used as a burial cover.

As I look upon this cot, my mind’s eye sees a group of northern ladies sewing together sharing news, good and bad, sad at times with the sewing needle becoming blurred … Southern ladies ,black and white “hopefully putting color aside “to work though the hard task of finding means to make a quilt or comfort for their men, also sharing worries and good times.

I’m so thankful for all soldiers sacrifice in service whether it was years ago or today. May many prayers be offered up for each one!!

My lilies are blooming, they smell wonderful!

Have a blessed week, Deb

May 8 th… Flowers

β€œHappiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.” β€• John Harrigan

The flowerbeds are showing their appreciation of the care that they received this spring. Enjoy .



Wild flowers

Day lily


Gerber daisy

Green plums

Little green grapes

New growth of Kiwi

Life outside of my sewing room window

And I have been sewing when I have a minute… Have 34 little blocks done. 

Happy Mother’s Day !

April,16th …Garden time

  Or should I say weeding time! I have neglected the flowerbeds for helping with son’s fixing up house and moving . Weeds sure didn’t waste anytime growing.πŸ˜• This is the one end of the flowerbed that I haven’t done yet.😳 

I did get out there some this week and here is what the other end looks like.

I enjoy working in the flowerbeds ,it is very relaxing . Here are some of the plants that are flowering now.

Gerber daisy






And of course a puppy needs to be add in 😊 they are so much fun as they are starting to play ball . They don’t have the know how of “bring it back ” they want you to chase them. 


I also have a few more blocks put together for this quilt top.

Have a lovely spring week, friends.πŸ˜„ Deb

April 10 th…busy weeks

It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by since the last post. It has been a good month with much activity.

My third son Mike and his wife brought a little place that is a cute house that needed some loving care. We really wanted to get them moved in before little baby bear arrives. So friends and family were put to work painting,pulling up old carpet,and sanding the hardwood floors to stain. I was put to work with making food for hungry workers,and sewing curtains for some of the Windows. They are moved in and waiting for the new arrival.

Hubby’s parents were here for a visit that went by to quickly. She needed some help with sewing a few dresses,I was happy to help! I was able to ask her about the little dress like pattern that I found in Grandmas fabric. 

She told me that it was a clothes pin bag pattern. I think I need to try making one.

The puppies are growing soon ready to go to new homes.


My little girl had a few not so good days, but her favorite stuff buddy and a sweet snuggles help keep her spirits up.


 Grandsons are enjoying the warm spring weather.

My azalea bushes are lovely this year, I wish they would stay this way a little longer…


Hoping this week has some quilting and knitting lesson time for me.

March,15th… Puppies….

We have been enjoying the new 5 arrivals. Leona really has as she can hold them at this size, when they get stronger and more lively she will not be able to.

It is harder to stay inside with the lovely weather we have been having,and the flowerbeds do need attention now that the yard is free of limbs , trash that blow in from who knows where..and nicely mowed.

I did do a little sewing on these blocks ,using up the fabric of Grandma’s.   

Spring time also holds the wonderful adventure of yards sales. There is one called from peaches to beaches,and it is yard sales upon yard sales for hundreds of miles along one Route,starting at Barnsville,Ga ending up in Brunswick,Ga.

Hubby and l went to some of them to see if there was anything of interest… I never would of dreamed that I would of come home with a manual machine knitting setup. A man was selling his mama stuff as she was no longer living. He wanted to be rid of this knitter,so much so ,”you can take it for $20″, were his words when he started with a price of an hundred. 

I cleaned it up ,as it is a  manual missing 60’s model of Studio knitter that had sat in the attic. Learned how to do just a simple stitch,and the machine works great… Now I Need to learn more for I’ve never knitted anything in my life, Always crocheted . I also may learn that I was crazy to even mess with such an old machine.πŸ˜³πŸ˜„ but we just might be kindred spirits for I’m a 60’s model too. Lol

Have a good week,and Happy St. Patrick’s day, Deb


Sept.20th, Cotton

I love this time of year when the cotton fields are bursting with the white heads of cotton. 


It starts out as a flower that is yellow or pink. When cotton is blooming one has to get close to the field to see the flower as they are often hidden under the leaves.

Then it forms a pod,which pops open as it dries.

Isn’t it so pretty all nice and white ?!

 Then after a bit it will look like this when one is driving by the field..
This is a 700 acre field.

This day the field was gorgeous !

Here it is put into modules,there are around 13 to 15 bales in this Module

From the fields is goes to … Maybe a quilt shop!πŸ˜„

I love cotton in the form of quilting fabric too!

Have a lovely week, friends!