Jan 28.. Hand quilt along

I’m so doing the happy dance! πŸ’ƒ I finished the Fire Island Hosta quilt 100″by 100″ that is for my daughter. I wanted to have it done awhile back but I’ve been slow at times in working on it,as it has been a little over a year since I’ve put it in the frame!😳

It is now ready for her to see when she gets back from Puerto Rico! Here it is for you to see today….

This is where I was three weeks ago ,that last Black border to do. Now …

It is even washed ,and is wonderfully quilt soft.

The back fabric up close that really is black in color, I wanted the flora pattern to show more than the black…

Some of the quilting after washing…

I also got the next Fire Island Hosta that’s for my son and his new wife into the frame with a small part of the corner worked on. This will now be included in with my three projects that I’m working on.

Sorry to say that the other projects suffered… so much so that’s nothing to report.

Please check out what the others are doing, wonderful inspiration you will find!















Sharon ,https://piecinglifetogetheronestitchatatime.wordpress.com/


27 thoughts on “Jan 28.. Hand quilt along

  1. Sheryl

    I absolutely love the black fire island quilt. I’ve really enjoyed the updates on it across the months, and will miss it now that it is finished. Fortunately, I’ll now be able to enjoy seeing your progress as you work on the blue fire island quilt.

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