Jan. 14…. from winter to

SUMMER… well not really just to a warm place…

We are having a winter this year with cold temperatures and snow ( a little snow) which makes for some lovely pictures but wait until you see the like summer ones that my daughter has sent to me as she is in Puerto Rico involved in hurricane clean up relief. First some cold photos….

Now for some warm ,sunny photos to warm our eyes….

And then after a very rainy miserable day … the sun shone through the clouds to give us this beautiful rainbow…

May this week be as beautiful as the rainbow.


17 thoughts on “Jan. 14…. from winter to

  1. KerryCan

    That’s so great that your daughter is giving help where it’s so needed! And getting some nice weather, as a bonus. I love the iguana or whatever that critter is. I hope you get warmer weather soon. I hope we do, too, for that matter!

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    1. Deb Post author

      You got it right.. it’s an iguana.sounds like cold might be with us for a bit yet,that’s okay I have lots of things to do before warm weather .



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