Jan.3 ….my busy full life…

The last few weeks of last year were busy , full of lively chatter, lots of hugs ,kisses and then ……

There was wood cutting…

Good feeling to see the shed filling back up

Happy children…

Sleepy babies..

Castle building

Then the cold hit…. we went from flip flops to socks ,boots,and coats in 24 hrs time.

So the tender plants got covered with straw…

But forgot barn pipes 😱…..

Then today after the House became silent… very silent! Leona and I watch the snow fall softly down.

The stove was a real blessing to sit beside…

The new pencils I received as a gift I had to try out…

Keep warm one and all!


16 thoughts on “Jan.3 ….my busy full life…

  1. KerryCan

    What a whirlwind, both of activity and changes in weather! The photos of the kid are wonderful–they all look so content. And your fire is inviting–just the thing for these temps. How cold did it get? I cringed to see the evidence of burst pipes!

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    1. Deb Post author

      It is getting down to 18* to 22* at night but the killer is that it’s hasn’t been out of the thirties for several days. Usually after a cold night it will warm up to the upper 40’s or lower 50’s. Even our snow is hanging around. We only had that one pipe burst, others around us were not so fortunate . We are so glad for that wood stove !


    1. Deb Post author

      Not at this moment as the hard freeze froze my Camilla flowers but it didn’t hurt the buds which are loaded on the bushes. So next week when temp go back to more normal ,they will open beautifully. Wow, I think ..for you..me having flowers is as mind boggling as to me with you having all those snowplows with snow!


  2. blosslyn

    Lovely family photos…..but I have log envy, look at that wonderful log shed. I have a small one, but we also burn coal. We chopped down some old tress in the garden last year, but nothing compared to yours 🙂 Unfortunately for us we will have weeks and weeks of nasty cold weather, so I am looking forward to seeing your plants grow 🙂

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    1. Deb Post author

      My Camilla’s don’t mind it ,if it gets cool just not a hard freeze. I can start planting a garden in about 7 weeks though! Our neighbor man was cleaning up his woods as there were lots of unwanted brush growth,so we gave him a helping hand for the wood. We only burn wood,there isn’t much coal burning around here.

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      1. blosslyn

        No my Camilla’s are not happy if its too cold, but they are sheltered a little and they seem to be ok each winter. We have olive trees in big pots that have to go under cover, incase we get a hard frost, which would kill them. We burn coal to help supplement the wood. Lots of people in the uk do not have log burners, they have electric or gas fires, but we like having one, its so cosy and warm 🙂 Ha ha I just need to talk our neighbour into chopping down his apple orchid, apple wood smells so lovely in the burner 🙂


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