Nov.26.. Hand quilt along

My how time flies! These last few weeks have been busy with caring ,visiting with my Mom. Then family coming home for thanksgiving. It hasn’t left much time for quilting or sewing. I was surprised at just how much I did get done when I sat down to post my progress. Here’s the update on the fire island hosta …

A few more stitches…

I did get my double wedding ring quilt top marked and started on….

I started another project when just sitting with my Mom ,I needed something small to work on. I have been wanting to do a cathedral window quilt for awhile with these old scraps that came in a bag of other scraps. I think someone took the bigger blocks from these border pieces,these were cast offs.

I believe they are fabric pieces from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Some of the fabric is too thin and old to use ,some can still be lovely displayed in a little window. I have just what is in the bag to take apart with this stack already done.

Here is a few blocks with the old pieces…

It has given new life to the oldies.😀

Now off to make more food for dinner,there’s to be twenty sitting around my dinner table .

Oh , and check out what some others are doing by hand….














25 thoughts on “Nov.26.. Hand quilt along

  1. Emma

    You got so much done! and all are beautiful too! very inspiring to see some hand quilting, I’m planning on doing that on my EPP too, and it’ll be my first so I’m super happy to see that it can look so good ^_^

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  2. kathyreeves

    Oh Deb, you inspire me! Are you using variegated thread on the blue double wedding ring? The cathedral windows are just stunning with those dark prints and the cream. I know that’s a more complicated pattern, I haven’t ever read the instructions on how to do one. Someday I will do a hosta, but before I do, we have to skype so you can share your wisdom since you are so experienced with that pattern. Three lovely projects all happening at once!

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    1. Deb Post author

      I’m excited that you going to give hand quilting a try! Yes, I’m using variegated thread from Coats & Clark . The cathedral window pattern isn’t all that complicated,measurements are important though. Be glad to give you some help,although beings you can read a pattern well, I believe you will find Judy Niemeyer pattern very easy to understand. She does a very good job of explaining each step.

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  3. dezertsuz

    Such pretty antique pieces. You are giving them another chance at life and they are rewarding you by looking gorgeous! I like both your quilts, and it’s good to have something to switch off. You did a lot in three weeks, really.

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  4. KerryCan

    Look at you go! I’m impressed at how you’re balancing all your commitments! And, yes, the cathedral window pattern is the perfect way to use those cool old scraps. My version of the same pattern uses old, damaged striped linens–dishtowels and napkins–for the centers and I’m getting a big kick out of it!

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