Oct.16….. more scraps…

A quick update on the blocks for the 70,273 project. I have a picture of Leona doing a block in red crayon. Sad to say I didn’t take any that I did. I mailed them in a hurry as we were leaving town for the weekend.

Now for the scraps…. I have been working hard on getting the scrap pile down. I had it down to one box full when Mr. Issac once again brought me his left overs.

So I went to work on some more log cabin blocks, a whirligig block,and a buzzsaw block.

I think they will all look nice in a quilt top.

I also put together two tops for a ladies church sewing as they were wanting some.

These tops were made from yard sale buys where some pieces were in a few yards to larger scraps. I love a yard sale where I can buy a few yards of fabric for $1.

Also took time to work on some more rings for the double wedding ring quilt,which I’m half way done with.

Have a great week ,Deb


11 thoughts on “Oct.16….. more scraps…

  1. blosslyn

    I think its so amazing the amount of quilt tops that you do, and I bet Leona could teach me a thing or two about quilting 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the double wedding ring quilt when it’s finished to see how all the vintage fabrics look 🙂 that is the vintage one, I have trouble keeping up with you 🙂

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    1. Deb Post author

      I can probably say she put more effort into her block than most doing blocks,she worked so hard to stay on the lines,with compulsive muscle spasms made it tricky.



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