May 21… a fire island hosta ,and a magnolia 

I finished Russell’s quilt top yesterday!👏👏 I’m happy with the way it turned out but I wished I would of had a darker green on the other side of the dark navy . Oh well … live and learn. Sometimes things seen in the mind doesn’t look that same when put together. 

Now I have more than  plenty of hand quilting to keep me busy.

It is magnolia time here in Ga. I love the scent those blooms put into the air. I did find out that in a small house the smell will overwhelm one.

A bud

Starting to open


This one still isn’t opened all the way but one of the flowers that was ,was to high up for me to get a snap shot of it.

And the start of a seed pod

Here are a few more treasures I found in my garden…


Lily.                                                            Hibiscus 


Day lily                                                     Russian sage

And lastly a baby blue jay that took a tumble out of the nest during the thunderstorm. His mama wasn’t happy about the picture taking.

Have a great week ,Deb


20 thoughts on “May 21… a fire island hosta ,and a magnolia 

  1. Sheryl

    Wow, the fire island hosta quilt top is incredible. I continue to be in awe of your skill. If you hadn’t mentioned the green, I never would have thought about the possibility of using darker green next to the blue.

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    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement! I always second guess my colors after working with them for awhile. I find that if I don’t look at it for awhile I usually find that it is okay after all. Technology definitely needs to find a way to allow one to post the smell also!😀


    1. Deb Post author

      I really don’t know… it is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer,She gave it that name. The pattern color choices on her quilt were more topical. I changed the colors that my soon to be daughter in law likes. Thank you!! By the way … is it a lovely place?

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