April 1st… Strawberries  and double wedding ring update.

Strawberries are in full swing here,and my counter is full of bowls with berries. The kitchen smells so good with the smell of cake and strawberries.

I will put some in the freezer for milkshakes and homemade ice cream when the weather is hot and we are looking for a cool supper. For the shortcake I use an old recipe that is a plain vanilla cake. Here’s the recipe..

If you wish to try the coconut icing that is wonderful tasting as well.

Now for the update.. I didn’t get as far on the Double Wedding Ring quilt top as I would have like but there is still a little progress. I was able to get more rings sewn.. and started sewing the rings together.

It is hard to match the rings at the seams evenly, some are off a little bit . I was able to get one row done which has 9 complete ring sections,and started on row two. There will be 72 sections when top is completed. That means I have 61 more to go.

Here you can see how row two is joined on.

Have a lovely week! Deb


14 thoughts on “April 1st… Strawberries  and double wedding ring update.

  1. blosslyn

    Oh those strawberries look so good…..but what does it mean, put the cake under the broiler, is that like a grill. Also the quilt looks really good, just love all those little bits vintage fabric 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deb Post author

      To put under the boiler means.. in the old gas stove there was a drawer that the cook could pull out so that the fire burning (sorta of like a grill) for the oven was exposed ,it gave off a high heat to rapidly brown the coconut. Today ovens come with a toasting option. Hope that helps. I too love these lovely pieces.

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    1. Deb Post author

      Don’t forget your autumns are way prettier than the south.😊 I’m learning how to do those touchy seams.They have given me a challenge,I rather enjoy it.



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