Feb.12th…. signs… one lovely ..one sad

I’m sure that some of you have meet Molly the Rottweiler that one day arrived on our farm ,starved and in sad shape, to then choose us as her adopted family.

She has been a real sweet dog that loved all on the farm even as much as licking the other dogs faces as if she was mom. Several weeks back I noticed a lump on her chest, didn’t think to much about it for Molly was active and eating well. Last week I noticed the lump increased in size and two others.. so after looking into it.. I know even more how ugly that cancer word can be! We had her put to sleep this week for she went down hill fast ,losing weight fast,and in pain…. I don’t like to see something suffer, so hard to see,and I would much  rather remember her full of life . Molly was with us for six  wonderful years .

Now for the lovely sign… SPRING

The camellia bushes had been so beautiful this year, even when the petals hit the ground.

I do believe the flowerbeds are soon going to need more work to be done in them… until then I have some sewing I want to finish first.


21 thoughts on “Feb.12th…. signs… one lovely ..one sad

  1. blosslyn

    So sorry to hear about Molly, but she had six wonderful years, that she might never had, had. She was a lovely looking dog and so clever to choose you, God bless her πŸ™‚
    It must be lovely to have so much colour in your garden now, we have a few snowdrops and some catkins on the trees…..buts that all πŸ™‚

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      1. blosslyn

        I’m sure it will happen when you least expect it, it normally does πŸ™‚ The trouble is with the weather, you can’t be sure of how it will be nowadays….years a go, it had definite seasons, but not anymore. I will be happy if it just doesn’t rain most of summer, like it has done here for the last couple of years. Oh well we will just have to wait and see πŸ™‚

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  2. ambikabhardwaj

    Deb, Misshy was 14. I left home when she was 7. But when we lived together, we shared pillows (rather she took most of it), we went on long walks, played hide and seek in the garden. When I left home, honestly, I missed her the the most. Thereafter, I seldom got an opportunity to see her.
    Then I got a call from my mother, concerning Misshy’s health. We had to put her to sleep too. Her Kidneys failed, she couldn’t eat or urinate. I remember spending the last night with her. I silently combed her hair all night, telling myself that I am sending her to a better place.

    I understand, it’s difficult to recover. Hope time heals you dear. Hope Molly and Misshy both are happy πŸ™‚

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    1. Deb Post author

      Misshy taking up most of the pillow,sounds familiar,except I never shared a pillow but Molly always hogged the chair, sat in your way when trying to weed the flowerbeds ,loved strolling ( I strolled she ran)through the woods… truly the whole family will miss her,but I’m glad to have known her,changed my view on Rottweilers. Thank you for commenting.😊

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  3. pobept

    Sorry to hear that you lost Molly.
    This has been a hard year for me and my friends my pets.
    I lost BG in July, she was a stray Border Collie that I took in. Grown when she arrived and 1/2 starved. She spent the next 10 years at my side, taking every step I took.
    Then after thanksgiving 2020 Spock my 15 year old Blue Heeler died.
    Grin… I got myself a chocolate colored Labrador, Dane cross pup for Christmas 2019, so we are enjoying each others company and we are still learning to communicate with each other.

    Happy Gardening

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    1. Deb Post author

      I got myself another Rottie.πŸ˜€. She digs small ponds to get to an armadillo, already had to have a series of baths because of killing a skunk, learned to leave the chickens and ducks alone,and snores like a sailor… we all love her though.



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