Jan.12th… the first new arrivals…

The first babies of 2017 on the this farm was little piglets….14 of them… only one died because we thought mommy sow was done , when we checked on her an hour later the last one was born and had gotten to far out from the heat lamp. There are still 13 healthy little piglets running around. πŸ˜€ just look at them .. 

This is why farm life charms me… 



17 thoughts on “Jan.12th… the first new arrivals…

  1. Johnna

    When I was growing up we raised pigs. Because we used single wire electric fences, the little piglets could roam – they just scooted under the wire. Sometimes when we were walking around, we’d turn and find we were being followed by a small herd of piglets. There is nothing more adorable than farm babies.

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