Nov.1… a Christmas project

Life around this household has been far from normal lately. My mom’s health has been failing her for sometime now,and it is to the point where she can no longer care for herself. We siblings got together to get mom’s house ready to rent out. We hauled,sorted,priced and threw out stuff to get ready for a yard sale. The yard sale day was a lovely day,with a nice amount of sales. Mom had too many things to get rid of in one day,…so once again we boxed ,and hauled,laughed and aggravated each other …and…Things are now ready for a auction. 

I have a pile of boxes to go though that I brought home..and a lovely antique wash stand to do something with, also piles of house work….6 more blocks to go on the red embroidery block quilt ,then I will start on this advent Christmas pattern. I know it is to be done in Dec. but I want to have it on display for Christmas.

It is marked for each day,I think I will do a number a day.

Now back to boxes… Deb


11 thoughts on “Nov.1… a Christmas project

    1. Deb Post author

      I wish I could be too! I won’t be able to be there for I need to be home with Leona,she can handle things out of routine only for a short time. Mom’s home unfortunately is approximately 650 miles away. I’m looking forward to this project.



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