Sept.4… A old trunk

My second daughter  LouAnn was up in Va helping, first daughter,Lynn and the family with moving to their new home in south Boston,Va. Lynn then gave her this lovely old trunk for helping out. LouAnn was delighted !! Here it is..

It is in good shape , the lock is missing,needs some saddle soap on the straps and the green canvas needs a little clean up, other than that it is a nice antique treasure.

It is a flat top trunk, a common trunk made in the late 1800’s to earlier 1900’s.

Some details ..

This is what was found inside,would be interesting to know what was purchased from a Sears and Roebucks catalog. The little piece is a pin.

And I have the log cabin quilt top sewn together. I think the old trunk and quilt were made for each other. What do you think?

Here’s the top opened up.


We had a topical storm go though Friday, we were blessed in that we only have a messy yard to clean up and a few trees to trim .

No big limbs just lots of little limbs,twigs , leaves and trash from who knows where it came from.

Have a great week ,Deb


5 thoughts on “Sept.4… A old trunk

  1. KerryCan

    You were lucky with that storm! What a relief. The quilt and the trunk–both lovely! Will the quilt go to live with the trunk, in the long run? They do look awfully nice together. I’d be interested in seeing the trunk again, once it gets its makeover.


    1. Deb Post author

      I think the quilt will stay with the old trunk , that not what I originally planned for it but they complimented each other so well . It was a relief that the storm did no more damage. It maybe a while before LouAnn restores the trunk,she’s always on the go.:)


  2. blosslyn

    Lovely old trunk, I wonder if it ever left the country on travels anywhere, or it came to the states when some one decided it would be their new home. The quilt goes with it beautifully 🙂 Glad you didn’t have too much damage with the storm.


    1. Deb Post author

      It would be nice if it could tell of its wondering,wouldn’t it! I’m glad too the storm didn’t hit as hard as the weather forecast predicted. Hurricanes aren’t nice ,been in some nasty ones,but I hate when they start talking about tornadoes!!

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      1. blosslyn

        We really only get the very last bits of hurricanes in the UK, which is bad enough. But when we were on Martha’s Vineyard last year, we had the tail end of one on the island, much more scarier than at home. I would hate to see or be in a tornado, so destructive in such a short time.

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