May 22nd, a soldier’s cot quilt

I enjoy history ,and if it has the word quilt in it ,I really get excited. So for in remembrance of Memorial Day,I want to share a quilt that is a reproduction of the soldier’s cot quilt that I did some years ago, with its history

These quilts were made to fit a cot for the soldiers of rhe civil war. The size 4′ by 7’4″. They were made from scraps, donated blankets cut in half, the north made as many as 250,000. The southern ladies had more of a challenge for calico fabric was very pricy costing 25 dollars a yd towards the end of the war,so they cut up carpets,and mattress were torn apart for fiber to spin. There were so few of the quilts that survived as they were used hard, sometimes being used as a burial cover.

As I look upon this cot, my mind’s eye sees a group of northern ladies sewing together sharing news, good and bad, sad at times with the sewing needle becoming blurred … Southern ladies ,black and white “hopefully putting color aside “to work though the hard task of finding means to make a quilt or comfort for their men, also sharing worries and good times.

I’m so thankful for all soldiers sacrifice in service whether it was years ago or today. May many prayers be offered up for each one!!

My lilies are blooming, they smell wonderful!

Have a blessed week, Deb


9 thoughts on “May 22nd, a soldier’s cot quilt

    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks, Kerry! I love grid quilting ,there are many lovely ways to quilt now a day.. But the grid to me is on top of the list of beautiful. It also adds a lovely feel to the quilt. Thanks again for sharing with me your blog,I’m still lost in its marvelous beauty and talent.


  1. Sheryl

    This post is perfect for Memorial Day. It’s a wonderful reminder that mothers on both sides of the war had similar concerns about their sons.


  2. norasquiltblog

    Thank you for sharing this story with us, Deb. Since I sew and quilt I read and watch everything that is related with the American quilting history. That’s why I am so interested in American history, especially the time of Civil War. I have seen many films and read several books on this topic and I know it was a hard time for people.
    Every time I watch an American film, my eyes are looking for the quilts on the beds 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deb Post author

      Your welcome,so glad you enjoy it! I smiled when I read you look for quilts in films, I do too! I love those old quilts.



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