Jan.8th, 2016… This weeks projects 

I have a finish up , an hurry up and a waiting to be done, on my list.

First the finished one . It is a rag quilt… I called it “now that’s purple”

Here is the back

Then I remembered that I needed to get busy on the top that I was making for my mother in law using her mothers scrap fabric. I want to work on this one really hard for Mama is 77. That is the hurry up one that’s to be completed..hand quilted included! 

It is half way pieced.

And the one waiting to be pieced…. 

My daughter in law gave me those pieces of fabric ,that she came across knowing I would use  them somehow.

I was able to get 12″  blocks cut from the pieces. I want to make a rag quilt out of this . I laid the top and bottom out on the bed.

I stacked them like this until I sit down to sew them.

We have had lots of dreary,rainy days,so this lady  needs a little  color from the summer !😊

Have a lovely week friends! Deb


11 thoughts on “Jan.8th, 2016… This weeks projects 

  1. blosslyn

    Beautiful, I bought a quilt in the USA 10 years ago, it hangs over my stairs…….I would love to able to make one, maybe one day when I retire from work 🙂


  2. Sheryl

    The quilt you are making for your mother-in-law is wonderful. I really like it incorporates fabric scraps that once belonged to her mother. What a wonderful I idea! It makes me wish that I had my mother’s scraps.


    1. Deb Post author

      Glad you like the quilt 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll find to much fabric in my moms place when she moves on but if there is .. I’ll be standing guard to make sure it isn’t thrown out!



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