Dec.4th, Fire Island Hosta Queen ..quilt number 2

My daughter is a real fan of black ,red , and white, Her room is of those colors,when she ask me to make her a Fire Island Hosta , it came as no surprise as to the colors. I have worked on it, would like to have the center put together for her for Christmas .

I added silver in with her colors, as I don’t think I’ll have enough of the white that I have on hand. It goes well with the silver in the leaves, it should blend in well when the quilt is finished.

When I feel a little overwhelmed with the piecing of the Fire Island Hosta, I am working on blocks that didn’t turn out like they should of….. I wasn’t paying attention close enough!!😖 I hate when I get a real brainless moment. I was sewing stripes of fabric together … 

It should of looked like this..

Instead it went like this…

Now any one would know that when you leave off a 1.5 inch stripe it is going to mess up a pattern. Which it did! Now being sorta lazy… Didn’t feel like ripping out 4 sets of these stripes,I decided to just go with it. Here are the two blocked finished. I will need to put sashing in between for if you put them together like the original pattern called for the design doesn’t go right.

Thanksgiving day had some very special moments…. Coffee would appear magical beside me when I would go to relax in my chair! And then two sweet little boys brought me these dandelion seed fluff.


These two little fellas were also helping me pick up more pecans, but I think I cracked more for them to eat then we picked up!😄 Brendan gave me the excuse that he was shaking the tree for pecans to fall when ask why he was up the ladder. 

And I’m half way done quilting on this quilt!! 

Keep warm one and all! Deb


5 thoughts on “Dec.4th, Fire Island Hosta Queen ..quilt number 2

  1. KerryCan

    Wow–those quilts are gorgeous! So detailed and precise–are they done with paper piecing? I’m kind of fixated on paper piecing these days, since I just learned the basics. And are you hand quilting?


    1. Deb Post author

      The Fire Hosta Island is paper pieced, the other two blocks are sewn in strips cut into 141/2″ blocks then you put two of the blocks right side facing to gather, one block with the strips running horizontal and the other vertical . Sew all around the block then cut from corner to corner then again from the other corners ,the cut should look like an x. Then you have 4 blocks ready to go into a quilt. I’m hand quilting the bottom quilt.:)


  2. Sheryl

    I absolutely love the Fire Hosta Island. You are an amazing quilter. I’m not sure exactly what paper piecing entails, but based upon Kerry’s comments I gather that it is a difficult learned skill.


    1. Deb Post author

      I’m pleased you like the quilt.😊 Paper piecing most difficult part is learning how to place the fabric on the paper to make sure you cover the area that should be covered, but with all beginnings it take practice.



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