Oct.4th, then Museum quilts

The first quilt that I’m posting was amazing, made by Granny Irwin. 


Impressed? I sure was!! 

Another one of her crazy quilts

The next quilt was made by Earl Blackwell, he was disabled with emphysema.He would work,on the quilt while propped up in bed. His wife hand quilted the quilt, it took her only three months.

This quilt was made by a 15 yr old girl in 1864.  
How about the twisted tobacco on this quilt..  
The lady who made this quilt traveled so she gathered fabric from each State for this quilt   

The hand quilting on this quilt ,puts my hand quilting to shame!!  
I bought this book while there at the museum,it is awesome read of the people . Just a small peak… 

Sorry that it is sideways…😕

There is so much more to see and the photos only show a fraction what is to see and feel!!

So if you are going though Tennessee, look up the Museum, stop and visit for its a wonderful place to stretch your legs. If your a quilt lover than purchase the book to read on the way home, you’ll not be sorry!

Now back to my “life “


8 thoughts on “Oct.4th, then Museum quilts

  1. KerryCan

    Those quilts are stunners! I do love old quilts, in traditional patterns, the best. The crazy quilts really moved me–they are so exuberant and creative, coming from a woman others thought was practical and earth-bound! It’s like a visual philosophy or diary!


  2. Sheryl

    The quilts–and the stories of the people who made them–are wonderful. There’s something really special about old-fashioned quilts. I have an old, very worn, quilt tucked away in a closet. This post makes me want to dig it out, and look at it through a different lens. . . What pattern was ? Was the sticking of particularly high quality, etc.


  3. bonniehull

    What treasures…beautiful…glad you stopped and shared! The rest of that old time phrase is..”remember me when this you see, though many a mile we distant be…” Xo



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