Oct. 1 st,a cute two room house

Hubby and I went to Ohio for a 70th school reunion that he attended as a child in 3rd and 4th grade.

We were put up in this little house that was owned and lived in by the aunt of the older couple ,who so kindly invited us to stay there. 

 The kitchen was on the left side as you walk in the door . The microwave was the most modern item in the house. 🙂 There was just a few electrical outlets,but no running water. One needed to get water at the hand pump just outside the door.

 This bed was on the right side as one walk though the door.  

The little living room across from the bed.

At the end of the kitchen and across from the living room was this cute little high hair.

This the main bedroom. The quilt was made out of polyester knit fabric,the quilting done by hand was lovely.

This little room was at the end of the bedroom. I know that come winter it was much nicer to use this little room then to have to go out to the out house!!!

Hubby and I enjoyed our stay,also made me appreciate running water that one doesn’t have heat by stove or microwave to have hot water, and the potty pail…well let’s just say that it wouldn’t have been fun to be the chore that Mom left you in charge of!!!!

Some more of our trip coming up in the next post….until then I’m back to the quilting frame. 😄


2 thoughts on “Oct. 1 st,a cute two room house

  1. KerryCan

    So, was this a house that a family lived in? It would be fine, I guess, for one person but it’s so tiny! You will never take your indoor plumbing for granted, after staying here!


    1. Deb Post author

      I don’t know anything about the Aunt. I do know that a young lady who had two children lived there for awhile. I am truly thankful for the home I have .



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