August 5th, summer delights and a finished top!

As Georgia turns on the summer heat to the 100’s ,there is still much to enjoy. 

 like spending a weekend with these two sweeties.


Or helping hubby fix a garage door for a fella who does taxidermy,

Or trying to capture pictures of butterflies, 

This plant loves the heat , other plants can melt ,die and just plain look awful,not this one!

I did make time for a little sewing…..

My Charlecote quilt top is finished!

Now I most work hard on all my hand quilting.

Oh I almost forgot this picture… I call it Jack and the bean stalk. Only it’s a kiwi plant reaching for the sky. My daughter pointed out that there is a little stick figure of Jack running up the vine. Can you find it?!😄

Now back to quilting… Deb


9 thoughts on “August 5th, summer delights and a finished top!

  1. Janette McInnes

    Hi Deb, Loved seeing your photos, everything looks lovely and bright and colourful and so green. During our Summers most things turn brown it can be so hot. Enjoy getting back to your quilting, regards Janette


    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! It does get brown and dry here. There is a lot of irrigation systems in the fields. The picture of grand babies was taken in Va. They do get more rain there,with cooler temps.


    1. Deb Post author

      I love butterflies, but they are hard to get a good picture of ..they like to flutter away,for I don’t have a good zooming lens. I still keep trying though. That wheelbarrow gave us lots of fun.



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