May,14 th. a little bit of everything 

it is a very busy time here in this Bear den! Mike our middle son is getting married this weekend in Puerto Rico. He will be bringing his bride home at the end of this month, then we are going to have a welcome home party. So if I’m lost for a month, that’s why! 

I have been sewing still in my break times. My machine gets an attitude if I neglect her for to long. A sewing machine with an attitude is NOT a good thing!

Finished this top…

This is for Russ , the last one of our Sons,it is a birthday gift. He is very fond of duck hunting. He has been wanting something made with ducks.  

I had to piece the middle block for I didn’t have enoughof the others. It will have a black border around it. He then wants” Duck Life “to read across the top.

Finally took this out of the quilting frame. Now for the binding.. Hope it doesn’t take me as long to bind it as it did to quilt it!😉

The back of the quilt shows the quilting better.

I am working on the FireIsland Hosta Queen quilt. I’ll post about how that is going at a later date. Now back to work.

Until after party! Deb


7 thoughts on “May,14 th. a little bit of everything 

  1. KerryCan

    I had to laugh about your sewing machine getting an attitude! Every sewing machine I’ve ever touched has one–I think they can smell fear on me! It explains why I do so much hand work! Your projects are all looking wonderful. Have fun partying!


    1. Deb Post author

      😄,I think to they can,for my daughter has the same problem!! I can be sewing away with no problems,she sits down to the same machine to do something and a few minutes later … It’s ” Mom, I got a problem with this machine” !! So I get her a new machine,and it does the same thing!!!😳



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