Feb.14, scrappy tied quilts

I have a fondness for a tied or knotted quilt.They aren’t as fancy,or bragged about as a quilted quilt.  They have a special place that says welcome home ,snuggled up and just be yourself.


Even children find them fascinating. This is my grandson enjoying the quilt I gave his Mama. She says he loves it. 🙂


I did get a few more done lately.

image image image

second one..

image image


I had a knit fabric that I had gotten from a sewing factory.They were remnants that came in strips of 20 inches. They gave me trash bags full. It is a tough fabric that withhold a lot of wear.I used it on the back of these quilts.


and the third I have top finished but not tied.


I use yarn or crocheting thread. if the fabric is stretchy or tightly woven a thinner thread pulls through better.

I did have a little time to work on the Fire Island Hosta quilt top. I have the swags pieced and one block put together on it.

image image

Happy Valentine’s Day!




6 thoughts on “Feb.14, scrappy tied quilts

    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks, Sheryl!! At lot of the time the charity quilt I do are for CAM. They are a Mennonite – Beachy group . They reach out to many places. The picture of my little grandson is a treasure!! 🙂


  1. quiltedthrifted

    It must feel good to have a scrappy quilt to work on while working on the detailed Fire Island Hosta quilt. I want to make the scrappy blocks and surround with solid fabrics. I agree with the comfy ok to snuggle up in my tied quilt philosophy.



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