Feb. 1st, no sewing today….

Today was a lovely windy day with temperatures up to 68 degrees. So after I got the kitchen cleaned up from dinner, I went for a walk.

I have three outside dogs who love to take a walk with me. My favorite one is Molly ,who just came to us one morning. She was starving and so weak that I had to help lift her head to drink the warm milk that I took out to her.We tried to find her first owners but no know ever came to claim her.

Meet Molly…

image image

I walked out around the flower bed it is so sad looking… it also needs me to get out there and start to pull up dead stuff, then mulch. Here is a picture of it last Spring, and the now view.

IMG_0199 image

It will be good to see it come to life again. Winter gives me a new appreciation for Spring.

Even the little bluebird house looks lonely.image

The clouds were beautiful though and I enjoyed watching them for a bit.


Then I noticed that there was a lone dandelion in the yard ,bent down to take a picture but this little dog decided to step in first.


Meet Wiggles,and trust me that name fits her to a T! And here is the poor dandelion after she sat on it.


I did see the first daffodil blooming in the flower bed along the house.


and the Camellias’ are stilling blooming so lovely.


Now Im enjoying a cup of coffee. Have a lovely week!! Deb


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