Jan. 31st, bowtie blocks and other projects

I enjoy making the bowtie blocks with light weight fabric for the center.I sometimes get fabric in with a pile of material that is to light to use for quilts. I like it in these blocks for it adds to the block without a lot of bulk.



here is a finished block.

here’s is how I do it . I pick out my block fabric.


Then I fold the light fabric in half with the right side of the fabric showing.


then I sandwich it in between two of the pieces..with the open side of the folded piece with the top of the sandwich pieces.


sew the seam,and open.


lay down the other two blocks. here you see the green on top so you will lay the green down first with the right side of fabric up.


sew seam then open it up again..


then pull the block seams together.. opening up the light fabric,match the seams and pin.


sew the last seam,and open again..and thats it with a little pressing.


I did get a scrappy top done this week.This is fabric from the 70’s

image image

more later and then I will show the tops finished.

Happy sewing,friends! Deb


4 thoughts on “Jan. 31st, bowtie blocks and other projects

    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks, Kerry! They were missed cut pieces of fabric and I was able to get a block out of them better this way. Sure used up a lot a scraps. 🙂



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