Dec. 13th,Homemade mincemeat filling

A post from A hundred years ago wrote a article on mincemeat . It was made mention that mincemeat filling was also used in cookies!

Now I love mincemeat, but Grandma just used it in pies. She made wonderful pies. I loved to pull up a stool to the counter, and watch her bake or cook. That’s where I learned that you scraped the bowls clean for it was wasteful not too.

I decided to make a batch of mincemeat ,then make some cookies using the mincemeat filling instead of a raisin filling. I have the mincemeat in the frig setting a few days so the spices mix well into the meat.

I would like to share my recipe that is great grandma’s recipe.


I cook the meat without salt for several hrs. It doesn’t have to be real tender for it needs to be ground.

while the meat is cooking I soak the raisins in a little water … Just enough water that you can see it in the bowl. About 3/4 of the raisins are covered!image

Then I put oranges , lemons, apples and citron in the blender, along with the cider, if I don’t have cider ,I just use 1 1/2 cup of applesauce.i also tweaked the recipe a little and add a fourth cup of butter rum.


When the meat is done , I then chunk up the meat for grinding. The kitchen aid grinder attachment works good for me.


i grind the meat into the large kettle that I put the blended fruit. After I run the meat though then I do the raisins.

Ground meat

Ground meat

spices are then added with the molasses and sugar. Once again I tweaked the spices. I like the cinnamon and a little ginger in it. Mix well and put on stove to cook.


Here is the recipe for the dough that I will make next week.


Happy baking!! , Deb


4 thoughts on “Dec. 13th,Homemade mincemeat filling

  1. KerryCan

    So, here’s how clueless I am–I had no idea that mincemeat was actually made of meat! I guess no one in my family liked it because I never remember having it or seeing it used. Good luck with yours!


  2. Sheryl

    I’m glad that my post at A Hundred Years Ago got you thinking about mince meat. I really enjoyed this post. I’ve learned a lot about how mince meat is made. I like to try old-time recipes–and want to try this one when I get a chance.



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