Nov.30th. Thanksgiving thoughts


We had a lovely day on Thanksgiving.

I’m so thankful for all the blessings that God has bestowed on me and to my family. I’m blessed in that God has been faithful in all his promises. I’m also blessed to have a special needs child, who has taught me so much. She doesn’t question God why she was made the way she was. She is full of sunshine when she is feeling good, and when she’s in pain a very uncomplaining person.

I am blessed with many kind friends- close by friends , friends from afar, and my blogging friends. šŸ™‚


I cleaned out a closet that held clothes from my youngest son. I made him a throw for on the foot of the bed. I used his shirts that he out grew on the front and on the back I used his t-shirts.


Happy sewing!, Deb



4 thoughts on “Nov.30th. Thanksgiving thoughts

  1. KerryCan

    I love Thanksgiving because it encourages us to do just what you did here–really think about all the good in our lives and acknowledge how lucky we are. That throw was a great idea for using up some of your son’s clothes!


    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks, Kerry. I like to recycle . That’s one thing that Mama did get though to me when growing up. If there’s some good in it ,don’t throw it away.. But that also comes with side affects… Like my closets becoming way to full!



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