Nov. 23rd, update on projects

Not much done on the Fire Island Hosta Queen . I did get the center all put together and started on the swag borders.image

I also worked on ” Little Grammy quilt”.



I needed to do a memory quilt for a lady whose hubby passed away just a few months ago. She gave me his shirts and a few ties, also a few shirts of her own. Here it is…



A drive down a Ga dirt road.

Have a lovely week! Deb


6 thoughts on “Nov. 23rd, update on projects

  1. norasquiltblog

    Memory quilts always touch my heart and reading a story of it reminds me of the pain of loosing someone dear. You made a lovely memory quilt and the appliquéd hearts and stars using the ties are really nice and good idea. It can be such a good feeling to have a quilt to be wrapped up made from the clothes of the beloved person.
    I also admire your Fire Island Hosta Queen quilt progress. It will be a really huge and very complex quilt you can be proud of.


    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you! I’m not very good with words. It is hard for me to express how I feel when some one loses a love one. A quilt can say the words for me.


  2. isathreadsoflife

    Beautiful passage quilt. I am also sewing in memory of my mother, every stitch is a thought of her. love the spiral kind of borders of the other quilt, superb work. Happy creative New Year to you. Isabelle



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