Nov.16th,butchering time

No sewing today ,I’ll post on that another day. It is butchering time again.. colder weather, deer hunting,and pork only mean one thing…Sausage and deer bologna . My son who loves to hunt always supplies us with deer meat that to be honest I do not like in roast or in deer burger. Deer bologna is so much better!!! Sliced thin then put between bread with tomato, lettuce and onion is wonderful!!

so here are some pictures on our work,


cutting up pork meat  that will be add to the deer meat and also be made into sausage.


sausage seasoned and set back into frig. The recipe that I use,

35lbs of meat

3/4 cup of salt

1/2 cup of pepper

1 tsp nutmeg

1/4 cup of sage ( a very full cup)

1/4 cup of paprika

mix well into meat then grind.


i put the bones of the pork into a pot and make a brunswick stew. If I have a lot of stew, I freeze for another meal.


deer meat and pork grind together for bologna. The recipe that I use is an old one from Hubby’s


25lbs 0f deer meat and 10 of pork

1 pt of sorghum molasses

2lbs of brown sugar

7/8 cup of salt

2 1/2 T black pepper

1/2 T of coriander

1/2 T red pepper( or paprika if you don’t want hot)

1/2 T cloves

1 cup of tender quick

mix into your meat then let it set for a day.Grind. Stuff into bags and smoke.

I sew my own bags.I use muslin. the size 10″ by at least 15′ .sew a 1/2′ seam on side and bottom.


glad for some young muscle help! 🙂


bags ready to be smoked.


sausage being cold smoked


smoked bologna ready to be sliced and eaten!

Have I made anyone hungry? 🙂

Have a good week, Deb


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