Oct 31st,The Library quilt

I have finished the Library quilt. It is ready for its new home.Here are some picture of the finished project.

image  image

image image image


I have also been working on my Fire Island Hosta queen quilt top.It is a challenge that Im enjoying.

I have each petal sewn together but not the flower itself, just laid out.


I put a quilt into my little lap frame to work on in the evening.It is a grandmothers fan done in vintage fabric.It reminds me of my Grammy, I can remember her wearing dresses made out of some of the same fabrics in the top. So I have name the quilt Little Grammy.:)

image  image

Happy Quilting,Deb


7 thoughts on “Oct 31st,The Library quilt

  1. norasquiltblog

    Your Library quilt is wonderful, I cannot find the right words for it! And you hand quilted the entire quilt, wow! Thank you for the pictures. It’s new owner will be very happy with it. Astonishing, as a wall hanging it looks like a real bookshelf. You are brilliant!


    1. Deb Post author

      Thank you , Nora , for the kind comments! I’m going to miss the library quilt. Isn’t funny how after working on a quilt , you become attached to it!


      1. norasquiltblog

        Yes, I can understand you, I feel the same for every quilt I give away. But at the same time I am so happy to have people for whom I can make these lovely pieces. I think your Library quilt turned out to be a masterpiece.


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