Oct.17th, a wonderful week

I had a baby shower gift to finish up this week. I crochet a blanket for the little one.


oops,got my toe! 🙂

Now I’m working on a order of 12 table toppers for a youth banquet. Here are some of the ones done..  Still have 3 to go.



I also needed to cut out blocks for a ladies sewing circle. I was very busy for two days washing the fabric and cutting 7 in. Blocks out. I so enjoyed it !

imageimage one of the stacked blocks.

image blocks that I will be sewing together.

image the quilt top is to be sewn like this..

and when evening comes I recline to enjoy family,and continue quilting the Library.


Oh I must show what I was given to me by my family!! I have been dreaming of this pattern ever since I saw it! I made a promise to myself that I will NOT start it until I finish up my customers projects!! I think I better put it in a cabinet with a lock on it!!:)

image what a quilt!!

Now off to work….. Deb


6 thoughts on “Oct.17th, a wonderful week

  1. norasquiltblog

    Beautiful crocheted baby blanket! But my all time favourite is your Library quilt I could keep looking at for hours. I hope you show us the whole quilt when finished. Now I regret a bit that I used up my red stripes for a scrap fabric basket instead of saving them for a Library quilt. It is surely on my to do list.



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