Oct. 8th, Fall’s here!

The days are so lovely here now. The summers heat is gone. It is now time to get out the hot dogs and the marshmallows !!

We did enjoy a fire outside with some hot dogs roasted. Leona really enjoyed it for she is now able to go out some now that it is not so hot.


Then Leona and I took a walk, we enjoyed feeding the horses some wild pears, petting the dogs ( Molly and Teaser) and then the flowers.


When I got tired pushing the wheelchair , we enjoyed the shadows as they fell around us by the fire.


I have been doing some sewing… I have to cut some blocks for tops and sew some tops together for a ladies sewing circle. Here is a little boys top ( crib size) finished.


A close up of the fabric I used.


Happy Sewing, Deb


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