Sept.19, Keeping busy..

It is hard to believe that summer is going out, and fall, right around the corner! I then realized that christmas will be here just as fast and that I better get myself busier!

I’m making pillow cases for each one, that makes 16 cases that I need to make. I have ten done so far,they go together very quickly.


The two on the top with the navy and white go to Hubby’s Mama. We are going to visit them this weekend and I just wanted to take her a little something.


I also made several of these for my special daughter. They are made out of flannel.Perfect for her as she does drawl,and she doesn’t like her face in it.Cant say as I blame her!

I have been working on a quilt for my daughter that she wants to give as a gift to a friend that” Loves ” books.

image image

I really like doing smaller quilts in this hoop. It is nice to curl up in your easy chair and quilt away!(very nice when its chilly)

I got the hoop from Barnett’s laptop hoops. They are hand made and very nice!! I have the 14″ ..perfect for the lap.

image image

I am making some head way on this queen size quilt that is in my big frame. I’m over half way!!

Have a good day! Deb


3 thoughts on “Sept.19, Keeping busy..

  1. norasquiltblog

    You have definitely some work-in-progress 🙂 I love the bookshelf quilt…beautiful creation and what a great idea!…I will keep it in my mind…I want to make one for myself one day…
    And hand quilting…I just want to try it on my green quilt that is finished and already in use but after purchasing a hoop – thank you for mentioning the size – I’ll start to hand quilt it (it only has some machine quilt lines)…different simple pattern in each square.



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