July 18th … First post


imageToday is the first time I have ever wrote a blog! I want to keep record of all I do in a year with quilting or what ever I’m working at . I wonder how interesting or boring it is going to prove.:)

 Right now I’m working on a knotted quilt. It will be given to a charity when I’m finished.



And now meet Snuggles who is my companion in quilting!! She loves quilts as much as I do. She also loves to steal scraps of fabric that I drop on the floor to put in her bed… Did one ever hear of a fabraholic dog?







10 thoughts on “July 18th … First post

  1. norasquiltblog

    I’m looking forward to your blog posts as I also started a blog recently for the same reasons. It is so much fun!


  2. tisjen

    I’ve only being doing my blog for a couple of months. I’m still learning bit by bit. Your doing just great and I love snuggles. Can’t believe she’s a fabraholic like me to:). IF you get time look at my today’s post, at bottom of the page and you’ll meet my little sewing companion. .. She’s under …Pretty little Baby girl. Don’t worry if you don’t as I understand, I still get a little overwhelmed. Enjoy Deb :), Jen


  3. quiltedthrifted

    Deb, Welcome to the blogging world. I come and go with blogging but want to keep up with it because I have met some amazing people thru Flickr and blogs. I love flowers and quilting as well. Tied quilts are my favorite of all times. Snuggles is a sweetie!


    1. Deb Post author

      Thanks! Right glad to follow you here and on flickr.:) …. If you wouldn’t have shared your blog on flickr I would of never find you here.



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